Welcome by Lindner Suisse

Lindner Suisse is the only creator and producer of specialized wood wool (Excelsior) products, obtained from certified Swiss wood.

Lindner Wood Wool Manufaktur can produce over 170 types and diameters of wood wool to suit specific customer requirements and is developing innovative specialist wood wool products from certified Swiss wood for gardening and landscaping, animal hygiene, as kindling and as packaging material; its products are sold in 19 different countries.

No matter how varied the uses Lindner wood wool is put to, one thing can always be relied on: the quality and sufficiency.

The Lindner Swiss team likes to help you! Because: Quality creates confidence.


Merry Christmas!

The company Lindner Suisse GmbH has got Christmas holidays from december 23, 2016 until january 8, 2017.

We wish you a Merry Christmas and prosperous and successful 2017.

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